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Kompani Nord was founded in 2009 by the renowned director Arn-Henrik Blomqvist, as a co-nordic theatre company.


The founding had only one purpose: to create innovative joint Nordic performances by the combination of dramatically enhanced content but with technologically innovative solutions. The idea was that every two years gather the group and explore a story on the premises of innovation and artistic crossovers and then tour  the Nordic region and play this story to an audience that has never experienced such a way to make theater. The idea was also to exploit Nordic material for texts and processes and to implement these as far as possible on the Nordic languages.


Films and pictures are predominant visual components and utilized in a very effective manner. Another well-used element is the music and singing. These components are put to use by the participating members of the group, who are among the best in their respective fields in their own countries or regions.


Kompani Nord is led by Arn-Henrik Blomqvist and the group's producer Marika Sundqvist. The other participants in the productions are composers, video and lighting designers and actors who are from the Nordic countries and regions.

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