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"The characters are played by Jonas Kippersund, Marc Svahnström and Lidia Bäck, who effortlessly go into the main characters and then quickly sift to a second. Most memorable is Lidia Bäck in the role of the Gullkiller, an unscrupulous person who does not exceed any limits because he has no limits. The coldness in the character´s eyes never leaves you. "
Åbo Underrättelser  20.9.2016

”A musty and mighty premiere"
Nya Åland 15.4.2016

”Colossal sea drama on a tiny stage”
Ålandstidningen 16.4.2016

"Between the endpoints the director Arn-Henrik Blomqvist skilfully line up a series of closeup scenes of both the good and the magnificent, the evil and the malicious people with sea and shipping as the common denominator.
The end result is with praise approved. "
Ostra Nyland 29.9.2016

”He has done more than that, he has refined the letters to a two-hour play that touches, upsets, scares, calms and leaves no one in peace. After seeing it I am deeply impressed with not only Blomqvist's creative super talent but also with the effort of the three actors.” 16.10.2016


On the whole tour so far 68 percent standing ovations!
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